Wending through Westerly

Spooky Saga  (click the title Spooky Saga to see slide show)

Spooky Saga is a short photographic essay. Think Andrew Wyeth and Christina’s World in Cushing near Rockland, Maine.  Although my photos are of Westerly, Rhode Island, similarities abound beyond the physical challenges of both my dad’s distant Crandall relation and my husband’s mother’s neighbor Christina Olson. The raw beauty of both properties (my photos don’t do justice, over-focus on things), the salt air and remoteness plus eery loneliness linger at both sites.

See more by venturing onto youtube.  According to instructions provided in The Crandall Corner, the Crandall Family Association’s newsletter Volume 27, Issue 3, October, 2014, (at the top of the page), type in vewee99 which will bring up a list (with photo and description): Click on the one for EldJohnCrandall.

Thank you to David Crandall, Jr. CFA #079, of Rhode Island who put together this video that does do justice to breath-taking scenery!


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