circa 1957

Here’s a photo I took with my Kodak Brownie of the house where I lived in Downers Grove, Illinois.  Judging by the old Nash in the drive in front of the carport, I was about 10 at the time and was using a camera I’d received for my birthday in January which is coming around again tomorrow, 60 years later!

On the genealogy blogging front, I’m bunching days, 2 here and 3 in an upcoming post since Ted and I will soon be on the road again. During the last couple of daze, I’ve watched two webinars on Legacy and, truthfully, only dozed off a moment or two. I’m still experimenting how to sync icloud between my iphone and laptop. I managed to change my i.d. image for the cloud (somehow) but my phone still creates albums whimsically on its own?

Seems as though when I load things onto the cloud, a delay occurs before transfer is complete? I want to save an album of pictures on my laptop’s hard drive to back up on a flash drive allowing me to dump old photos off icloud and iphone to free up space.  Haven’t figured out how to do this and/or am just bogged down with organizing and labeling pictures.

I packed my bags for our trip and then opened one long, plastic box of family files stored under the bed, overwhelming. Maybe I’ll start sorting and then chucking duplicate copies when we return from CT.  I need to tuck miscellaneous photos back in their appropriate albums.

After OT yesterday, we visited our daughter’s mother-in-law at her elegant digs in a facility nearby, first floor independent living, where she has recently moved. Her apartment is nice for her service dog Bentley, featuring a fenced-in patio.  R doesn’t need to wait in line for an elevator to reach the dining room, snack store, or auditorium which is handy. R especially likes the carpeted floors in the hallways, because she doesn’t have to wear shoes, only socks.

Today Ted and I walked up the hill to the public library where I re-ordered genealogy books that were lost in a recent mailing snafu. The librarian advised I increase my personal library rather than try to borrow such obscure tomes.

2 days of stats: 4 hours genealogy; 2 hours teching; 4 hours OT; 1 hr 40 mins walking; birds sighted: 3 flocks of crows, some (more) sparrows



The time to digitize has arrived! My husband Ted is now collecting old, cancelled stamps dating up to the year 1980. He stores them in oversized binders that put my smaller genealogy notebooks to shame. Since Ted’s using all our filing cabinet drawers plus office shelf space, I’ve squished notebooks into a toychest and my loose folders into plastic boxes that fit under bed in our office/guest room–pitiful, I know.  Equally pitiful is, all I accomplished today was research DNA companies, watch a webinar posted on the Internet by NEHGS, and write/edit this blog.

Stats: 3 hrs genealogy; 45 mins walk; 1 hr OT exercise; birds sighted = crows and sparrows

Deer Not in the Headlights

Curled up with head resting on its legs, the deer I spotted while taking this photo was sleeping some distance away from where we stood on the boardwalk in the park at dusk.  I’d frittered away most of the day ’til this moment with multiple and difficult phone conversations regarding the passing of a younger relative whom I hadn’t seen in a couple decades although we’d connected as recently as last June during yet another difficult phone conversation.

Still trying to make sense of a death I would eventually duly record, I baked muffin top muffins, something silly I never do but we were invited to eat dinner with neighbors and I wanted to contribute something easy and quick. My friend’s husband and acting chef, had prepared chili from elk meat, a gift from one of his colleagues who hunts.  Horrified and unable to eat a morsel? Not I! In fact, no one else enjoyed the entree more. And surprise, surprise…   after two generous helpings, I didn’t fall asleep during the mind-numbing movie we watched later about Fritz the Cat. Somehow Ted and I had missed this cartoon character back in 1972 when first filmed. Menos mal, just as well.

Now the day  is ending and night is drawing nigh… I’m still wired and trying to make sense before I go to bed. Is home, as Robert Frost said, where you go and they have to take you in to sleep, to eat?  If so, tracking and recording vitals of people in my present home as well as in my extended home belonging to ancestors from generations past, is what I do. Making sense of these connections, however compelling for me, is just chasing after windmills but it’s what I must do.

genealogy-related activity = 1 hr; walk = 1 hr; birds sighted = cardinal, sparrows, bluebird, tiny black birds in top of tree unidentifiable.


















Day Late, Dollar Short

Grand ones with us for dinner until their parents picked them up at 11:00 P.M.  Only the eight-year-old had fallen asleep by then so no evening time for genealogypsying.

In the morning, as Ted and I awaited an ice storm to cometh, I recklessly rambled around the ‘net without recording my travels.  Haven’t figured out how to drop breadcrumbs yet so however carefree my speed trekking is, irreproducible circles usually result.

Beginning from my copy of the family genealogy notebook my brother compiled in 1999, I researched Phillip Wheeler, an ancestor who apparently married a Desire Crandall (on one site) and on several other unrelated sites, Martha.  Dern, I would have solved a family mystery except for the existence of meddlesome Martha.

1 hr genealogy 1 hr; 1.5 hr walk; birds sighted, 1 flock of geese

Today Wasn’t Any Day

Slept in until half past seven, ate half an apple, drank half a cup of coffee, and headed to occupational therapy.  Arrived half an hour early b/c arriving early is what my husband Ted and I do now  we’re both retired.

Iced shoulder for 10 minutes and then joined Ted whose appointment with cardiologist had already begun.  Went okay.  Planned return visit in May.

Came home, changed clothes, heated up last night’s stew for lunch, went for walk in neighborhood.  Lots of hills.

Connected to Internet and Legacy Website for Free Webinar 2:00 – 3:40 P.M.

Tidied up kitchen, read emails, dressed up for dinner with friends, picked them up at 5:25 P.M.

Returned home at 9:00 P.M. Read emails and genealogy blogs, looked through recent photos on icloud.  Selected one taken during yesterday’s walk and remembered gentleman who owns property along river featured in photograph told us he once kept 25 domesticated muscovy ducks, more typically seen in Florida than Maryland.

Explored how to navigate WordPress.  I’d forgotten. Wrote and published entry.

Genealogy 2 hrs. ; Walk: 1.25 hrs.