Day Late, Dollar Short

Grand ones with us for dinner until their parents picked them up at 11:00 P.M.  Only the eight-year-old had fallen asleep by then so no evening time for genealogypsying.

In the morning, as Ted and I awaited an ice storm to cometh, I recklessly rambled around the ‘net without recording my travels.  Haven’t figured out how to drop breadcrumbs yet so however carefree my speed trekking is, irreproducible circles usually result.

Beginning from my copy of the family genealogy notebook my brother compiled in 1999, I researched Phillip Wheeler, an ancestor who apparently married a Desire Crandall (on one site) and on several other unrelated sites, Martha.  Dern, I would have solved a family mystery except for the existence of meddlesome Martha.

1 hr genealogy 1 hr; 1.5 hr walk; birds sighted, 1 flock of geese


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