Deer Not in the Headlights

Curled up with head resting on its legs, the deer I spotted while taking this photo was sleeping some distance away from where we stood on the boardwalk in the park at dusk.  I’d frittered away most of the day ’til this moment with multiple and difficult phone conversations regarding the passing of a younger relative whom I hadn’t seen in a couple decades although we’d connected as recently as last June during yet another difficult phone conversation.

Still trying to make sense of a death I would eventually duly record, I baked muffin top muffins, something silly I never do but we were invited to eat dinner with neighbors and I wanted to contribute something easy and quick. My friend’s husband and acting chef, had prepared chili from elk meat, a gift from one of his colleagues who hunts.  Horrified and unable to eat a morsel? Not I! In fact, no one else enjoyed the entree more. And surprise, surprise…   after two generous helpings, I didn’t fall asleep during the mind-numbing movie we watched later about Fritz the Cat. Somehow Ted and I had missed this cartoon character back in 1972 when first filmed. Menos mal, just as well.

Now the day  is ending and night is drawing nigh… I’m still wired and trying to make sense before I go to bed. Is home, as Robert Frost said, where you go and they have to take you in to sleep, to eat?  If so, tracking and recording vitals of people in my present home as well as in my extended home belonging to ancestors from generations past, is what I do. Making sense of these connections, however compelling for me, is just chasing after windmills but it’s what I must do.

genealogy-related activity = 1 hr; walk = 1 hr; birds sighted = cardinal, sparrows, bluebird, tiny black birds in top of tree unidentifiable.


















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