circa 1957

Here’s a photo I took with my Kodak Brownie of the house where I lived in Downers Grove, Illinois.  Judging by the old Nash in the drive in front of the carport, I was about 10 at the time and was using a camera I’d received for my birthday in January which is coming around again tomorrow, 60 years later!

On the genealogy blogging front, I’m bunching days, 2 here and 3 in an upcoming post since Ted and I will soon be on the road again. During the last couple of daze, I’ve watched two webinars on Legacy and, truthfully, only dozed off a moment or two. I’m still experimenting how to sync icloud between my iphone and laptop. I managed to change my i.d. image for the cloud (somehow) but my phone still creates albums whimsically on its own?

Seems as though when I load things onto the cloud, a delay occurs before transfer is complete? I want to save an album of pictures on my laptop’s hard drive to back up on a flash drive allowing me to dump old photos off icloud and iphone to free up space.  Haven’t figured out how to do this and/or am just bogged down with organizing and labeling pictures.

I packed my bags for our trip and then opened one long, plastic box of family files stored under the bed, overwhelming. Maybe I’ll start sorting and then chucking duplicate copies when we return from CT.  I need to tuck miscellaneous photos back in their appropriate albums.

After OT yesterday, we visited our daughter’s mother-in-law at her elegant digs in a facility nearby, first floor independent living, where she has recently moved. Her apartment is nice for her service dog Bentley, featuring a fenced-in patio.  R doesn’t need to wait in line for an elevator to reach the dining room, snack store, or auditorium which is handy. R especially likes the carpeted floors in the hallways, because she doesn’t have to wear shoes, only socks.

Today Ted and I walked up the hill to the public library where I re-ordered genealogy books that were lost in a recent mailing snafu. The librarian advised I increase my personal library rather than try to borrow such obscure tomes.

2 days of stats: 4 hours genealogy; 2 hours teching; 4 hours OT; 1 hr 40 mins walking; birds sighted: 3 flocks of crows, some (more) sparrows


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