High Winds

Maryland’s winter of 2017 has been mild.  When high winds and rain were forecast for Wednesday and they arrived punctually, a dip in temperature reminded us Spring had not yet arrived. We, as consequence, lost a day. Ted and I returned to the woods on Thursday and tried to gauge the shortest route to the eagles’ nest as well as the easiest path to climb for bringing visitors with us another time. Keeping an ample distance between us and the nest meant too many scraggly branches interfered with our direct line of vision but we spotted a brilliant white “hook.” Binoculars and a high-powered camera lense revealed the head of an eagle, perhaps the mother. She sat without moving as we ate tuna sandwiches we’d packed for our rather chilly picnic. Support branches beneath her nest bobbed gently as residual gusts from yesterday’s storm bent the boughs.  No frantic calls interrupted our tranquil visit today.


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