A Leaf Blower?

Really? How weird to hear the racket of a leaf blower in the woods.  We met a fellow Sunday sojourner along the trail today who had lost a black cell phone. He was now clearing leaves, looking for it.  Although a frequent runner here, the man with the blower hadn’t seen any sign of eagles.  That, too, struck us as strange.

Is this Papa?


We observed this morning that the two eagles were more off than on the nest, dipping their wings and circling above the water beyond their tree. Either they hadn’t seen us or were unperturbed since they didn’t fly near where we sat. Walking in, we had twice passed two people with three black labs. Later, we could hear other human beings talking in the distance. Once these voices drifted away, we listened to the eagles as they called softly to one another in their curious piping lingo. After a few more moments and some stellar (or lucky!) photography, we decided to head for home and leave Mama and Papa in peace, in case they might find some this cold day.

Is this Mama?



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