Home Again!

We’re delighted to be back in Maryland but totally amazed to see our fuzzy eaglet has sprouted real feathers and is nearly as large as Mama.

Where is the male eagle? We haven’t seen him during two visits.  I find a helpful site online with answers to some of our questions about Eagles:


Do Eagles mate for life? Yes.

How long do Eagle eggs take to hatch? About 35 days.

We read that Eaglet feathers are brown as soon as they start to appear at about 5 weeks. Eaglets can be fully feathered by 9 weeks.  Although our Junior is looking sturdy and healthy, I worry to read only one in 10 eaglets normally survives to adulthood.

We’re pleased to note that Junior is adapting to his world and observes protocol by shooting excrement over the edge of the nest.  Way to go! Good job!


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